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A non-profit organization (# 1596) established end of 2011 by a group of Lebanese businessmen to eliminate hunger in all Lebanon by establishing partnerships and cooperation with all those who are concerned.

Lebanese Food Bank Official Launching 

The Lebanese Food Bank was officially launched on May 8th at the Four Seasons hotel in the presence of H.E. Mrs. Mona Afeish representing the First Lady as well as 250 persons from different sectors of the Lebanese society: Ambassadors, businessmen, hotels, caterers, restaurants, food companies, banks and universities.

A protocol was signed between Lebanese Food Bank represented by its president Mr. Kamal Sinno and the Regional Food Banks Association represented by the CEO Dr. Moez el Shohdi.

During the event, Mr. Kamal Sinno, president of the Lebanese Food Bank, welcomed the honorable guests saying that food security exist when all persons at all times have physical, social, economic excess to sufficient, safe and nutritious food. Mr. Sinno noted also that food justice is defined as one of the basic human rights.

A documentary of 4.30 minutes was broadcasted showing the LFB activities before the official launching. Then, Dr. Moez El Shohdi, co-founder and CEO of the Regional Food Banks Associationpresented the newly launched "Zero Hunger”initiative. After announcing some statistics: Food wastage and loss globally represents 42% of the total production while total hunger represents only 14%, he explained that ways & means to save a good percentage of this waste is easy to achieve.

Dr. Nadine Daoud, Executive manager of LFB, enlightened about the organization and its activities and announced that LFB started all its programs from where the Egyptian Food Bank successfully reached and achieved.

Mrs. Marie-Christine Laporte, presented the role of the Alliance Against Hunger & Malnutrition to eliminate Hunger all over the globe which can never be achieved unless a cooperation & partnership exists with Food Banks, specially the model developed in the Middle East.

We would like to thank Mrs. Rima Karaki for her inspiring words... 

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